On being a Mystic

Live in Joy, dear Mystic

If this was the real world, there would be class called Shamanism and Mysticism everyone would be required to take (like Maths and English). And if you showed an aptitude for this you would be taken to Shaman school to specialise. And being a Shaman or a Mystic would be a valued, recognised, profession. But now those of us who spend so much of our time asking the big questions, are battling to find ways to survive instead of being honoured and supported because of our gifts.

I see how people are recognised who love to code. Especially those who love it so much they spend their free time writing programs or websites. It has almost become a requirement these days if you want to be a developer: Love what you do so much that you do it for free whenever you get a chance, just for the fun of it. So what about those of us who spend our free time being in awe of the mystery of life, reading cards, or asking “Who am I really? Who are you really? What is the truth of it all?”, or finding ways to connect to Divinity just because we love it so much? Where are the job specs waiting for us that list these as minimum requirements?

Or is that the design of it all? Are Shamans and Mystics supposed to be lost? Are we supposed to find our own way first before we are able to help others find their way back to themselves and to their true Divine selves?

Yet I think so many of us on this path with these gifts stay lost. Even when we don’t have to be. The world is not geared to support us in our journey. The world does not yet value our gifts as valuable, nevermind necessary, to thrive in this life.

I think, I dream, that it is possible to live in a world where, when you show an aptitude for the mystic, you are as needed and valued as programmers are today. There are clear careers paths and you are guided in how to get there. You are needed, dear Mystic. The world just hasn’t realised it yet. We will have to forge the path. We will have to honour our gifts before the world is able to.

It is possible to not just survive but thrive. Exactly because we bring our unique gifts – whatever they might be – into the world, and not in spite of it.

I just have not found that way yet. And maybe I won’t be able to. I’ve been looking for a long time. But maybe I can believe so much in this, and maybe my believing will join with other’s believing, that one day we will open doors to a world where making a living from our joys and our gifts is so matter of fact for everybody that we can’t even imagine a way of living that was ever different.

That is my big dream for this world.